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Everything You Need to Ask a Window Tinting Company

R.B.O Motorsports would like to wish you a warm welcome if this is your first time to our window tinting service site. Here, we will answer a few of the most commonly asked questions that are put to our technicians on a daily basis. However, if you have any other questions you would like to ask us, please feel free to call and ask.

Car window tinting is the process of applying a film to the inside of the windows of a car to darken the glass and reduce heat. The film is available in various shades or levels of darkness. You should consider getting window tint for several reasons such as Heat reduction, enhanced privacy, UV ray protection, interior protection and glare reduction.

Typically can range between 1-4 hours depending on how many windows need to be tinted.

Yes. It is important to note that there may be legal restrictions on how dark you can tint your car windows, and these laws vary by country or state. It is advisable to check the local regulations before tinting your car windows to ensure compliance.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our window tinting services.

A car wrap is a vinyl decal or graphic that is applied directly to the exterior of a vehicle. It is used as a form of advertising, customization, or protection for the original paint of the car. You may do a full or partial wrap.

The duration of a car wrap largely depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials used, the installation process, and how well the wrap is well maintained. On average a wrap can last 3-7 years.

The cost may vary depending on the color and size of vehicle.

Powder coat provides a protective finish. The coated material is heated to allow the powder to melt and flow, creating a smooth, durable, and chip-resistant finish. Usually when a rim is scratched we recommend a powder coat.

Window Tinting
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Vehicle custom full and partial wraps
Custom graphics
tail lights
interior fabrication
HID headlights
emblem customizing
and much more

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